Perifit is a range of innovative products designed to improve women's health and wellbeing. Our lineup includes Perifit Care and Perifit Care+ for pelvic health, and Perifit Pump for breastfeeding. As you're currently on the distributor portal, for more detailed information about Perifit, please visit our B2C website at http://perifit.co.
To become a Perifit distributor, you just need to place an order on this distributor portal.
You can place orders directly through this distributor portal. Simply add products to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Please note that payment is not processed during checkout. After completing your order, you'll receive an invoice with instructions for wire transfer payment. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance at sales@perifit.co.
The minimum order value is €500 excluding shipping and tax. Here are the minimum order quantity per product: Perifit Care Pink: 1 pack of 5 Perifit Care Pink: 1 pack of 5 Perifit Care+: 1 pack of 4 Perifit Pump: 1 pack of 2 Extra Bottle for Perifit Pump: 1 pack of 2 Extra flanges for Perifit Pump: 1 pack of 1
Free Express Signed Delivery with 5-10 days lead time is provided for orders over 1000€ to: - Mainland France - The EU & Schengen territories - The US - Canada - Australia. For all other countries, wherever possible, we still ship products using Express courier services, but lead times for shipping can vary due to customs. For other orders, shipping fees are calculated at checkout.
Our Customer Support team is the first point of contact for any customers who experience any issues. We'll take care of any support issues directly with customers, and take the appropriate course of action. If a replacement is required, we'll arrange this directly with the customer. Please ask your customer to contact us directly through one of our apps. Please note that if any customer returns an item directly to you it will invalidate our support policy – and your own returns policy would be in effect. We strongly recommend that you refer customers to our support team should you receive any support queries.
Perifit Care (pink/green) : 9031808 (Other instruments, appliances and machines) Perifit Care+ : 9031808 (Other instruments, appliances and machines) Perifit Pump : 843410 (Milking Machines)
All of our marketing materials for distributors are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NtwxVXCNuOp6tlkrR3LjnJGqYYNW12tx?usp=sharing

We would be happy to help!

Our sales team is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm (Central European Time) at sales@perifit.co. We typically respond to emails within one working day.